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The modern day Burning Times

(The witch children of Africa)

By Zaracon Hicwitch

Every day, children are being accused of being witches, and are being tortured killed and abandoned by their very own families.

Sometimes they are even put on trial for witchcraft, due to the fact the witchcraft laws are still on the books, in some of these African countries.

Like the witch trials in the United States, and in early Europe

These accusations know no barriers, for age, gender, or even status in the community.

Indeed the burning times are not over; they have just shifted to a different part of the world.

In my opinion are waiting the time when they will resurface in mainstream society.

I truly believe the old adage that if we don’t learn from the past, we are condemned to repeat it.

As pagans we owe it to these people in Africa, as well as to ourselves to bring these atrocities into full light.

To lobby the United Nations, as well as the countries in which these atrocities are being done, to change the laws.

To make the slaughter and beatings of these children, and adults against the law and bring people to prosecution for human rights violations.

But like any good atrocity, these persecutions are being backed by the tainted clergy, as well as superstious people that listen to them.

In a YouTube video I watched a “preacher” told a family, that their 5 year old daughter was a witch, and she had passed it on to a 3 month old sibling.

That they were evil and needed to be gotten rid of...

But that for a price he could exorcise the devil out of the kids. Well, the family was too poor to pay so these just abandoned the children at the roadside to die.

These videos can be seen by going to and searching for African witches.

There are some areas in these countries where the people accused are being taken for safe keeping, but they are not enough to care for all those affected.

I propose that the pagan community start a non-profit, for the relief of these young “witches”, and to assist with the education of these countries as to the needless fear of these men, women, and children.

There also needs to be a push to educate some of the Christian churches, as to what there missionaries are doing in these countries, and to reel in some of these rouge pastors. is a charity working currently with these children and until we can get organized this might be an option for charity monies.

For ideas and assistance in setting up this organization contact me at [email protected]

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