satanic panic revisited

Posted by ZARACON on September 21, 2009 at 3:21 PM

Satanic Panic

By Zaracon Hicwitch

There has been a resurgence as of late of the satanic panic scares of the late 1980s and early 1990s. there are several groups out there that are beginning again, this modern aged witch hunt.

As in the witch hunts of the past, it is sparked by the fears and ignorance’s of the religious people out there, and their innate fear of anything they truly don’t understand. (or is different from there belief system).

Recently I was listening to an internet talk show by Witch School ,about an Australian pastor who is calling for the righteous to come together against the witchcraft that is causing all the wild fires in Australia .

As well as reporting a ‘sacrificial alter”, found on a hill overlooking the Australian parliament.

This slab of concrete was supposedly covered with blood, yet there was no police investigation or at least one mentioned in the press.

Pastor Danny said that he had a prophetic vision that showed him the fires in Australia were caused by witches and witchcraft…

You might think to your self pastor Danny is a nut , but if you check out his website he seems to have quite a few followers.

Well folks take it from someone who saw both sides of the scare in the 80s and 90s .

This can grow rapidly, with fear over the economy and fear from the religious right that there numbers have indeed dropped over the past several years.

Not to mention their need to prostilize their religious beliefs on the world, (wanted or not).

It takes very few accusations to cause the unlearned people out there to begin to embrace these kind of screwed up stories.

Also because its ok to hate evil (what ever you perceive as evil) ,then its ok to persecute people who do not have similar beliefs to yours.

And since these people are evil lets get rid of them through violence , coercion, false accusations and imprisonment.

Its ok we are doing gods work….

It seems that its true if we don’t learn from the past we are indeed doomed to relive it.

There are people who are still living the nightmare of the last onslaught of this type of ignorance.

There have been several articles and investigative reports done showing that most of the accusations made against people in the 80s and 90s were false , done innocently by children coerced by therapists ,or blatantly by people trying to rid themselves of the evil people.

A 1993 F.B.I. report shows that there has been no real concrete evidence that there is any organized group of devil worshipers out there reeking havoc on our land or on our children.

I stand firmly in saying I have no love for anyone who hurts children or animals.

I would gladly do whatever it takes to see those people brought to justice.

But the key word there is justice.

We as pagans are no strangers to unfairness, persecution, and dieing for our beliefs.

But enough is enough, we as a group and community have to take a stand, to educate people as to what we are all about, and to educate them as to the consequences of ignorance.

Such as the witch hunts of the past ,as well as what is going on in Africa with the witch children.

These children are being beaten ,killed, and abandoned, because someone put a label on them of witch.

As someone who spent time investigating some of the incidents in the 80‘s and 90’s.

I did see some very disturbing things but overall it had nothing to do with organized Satanism or witchcraft.

It was self styled devil worship, which is not anything to do with pagan practice as much as it’s a reaction to the practices of the Christian churches and the rebelliousness of children and young adults.

There were some occult references, but they were usually copied right off of movies or taken completely out of context from arcane tombs.

Lets not stand idle and see this atrocity happen again.

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